My Evaluation on Some of the Available Writing Services Online

The following are my evaluations of three of the online writing services available on the web today to help customers decide whether or not to avail the products and services of these companies:


The first thing that attracts me to this U.S.-based company is the fact that it has garnered several positive reviews in the last five years. It appears to be very reliable with a pool of writers that is second to none with each one having at least a Bachelor’s degree. Reviews confirm that the writers deliver on time and that their products are exceptional as manifest in their good writing style, grammar, and composition. You can also see that they provide good citations. Their customer support is also as exceptional as the writers – from contacting them, to their response time, to the promptness and completeness of their answers. Despite its formidable reputation in the industry, it nonetheless sets its prices competitively and affordably starting at $12.99 per page. This is even further lowered with the availability of new and old customer discounts at 15% and 5% respectively. Additional features include direct communication with the writers, a 100% money back guarantee, free revisions, and a BBB membership. Overall, I am highly recommending this website!



At the onset, Papers Mart gives me the clean and smart image which leads me to think that the entire order process will be a breeze. Regrettably, this was not the case. To start, you will have to scroll down to the bottom to see its list of services, which is a little inconvenient, at least for me. The company is keen to present its writers to be highly-qualified and experienced. However, these claims do not come with an actual biography or profile of its writers, with no sample writings whatsoever. I also have issues with their customer support because it seems like they are more keen on selling their services without directly addressing any of my concerns. Positively, their pricing is clear and transparent and based on actual factors such as academic level, the number of pages, urgency, and the type of paper required. They also offer a graduating discount system ranging from 5% to 15% depending on the total value of the order. Additional features are limited to a plagiarism checker and free revisions but only up to seven days from delivery. Overall, I find that the company can be a safe writing service but still lacks value for money.



It is easier to trust a company that has been of service for several years because it gives you the impression of being established. However, this was not the case with Master Papers, a U.S. based company which opened in 2004. Firstly, they are inconsistent with their claim of hiring only writers with at least a Master’s degree because they also advertised for freelance writers who are also undergraduates. Secondly, their customer support is not as helpful as they should be. Worse, I did not even feel like they made an effort to actually answer my queries. Nevertheless, I find their pricing clear and transparent, starting at $14.99 per page. They do have a discount available but can only be used for future purchases. Additionally, the customer testimonials and reviews I found were limited to one or two words which I find really sketchy. Lastly, it does not have a BBB membership to at least make me feel secure about pushing through with the order. Overall, I am not going to recommend this company for obvious reasons!

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