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AdvancedWriters quality

Looking for my go-to website for writing, I happened to find by pure chance and thought I’d take a closer look since the welcome page was inviting enough. While I couldn’t find any testimonials or reviews on AdvancedWriters website, the blog they have was very well written and informative. Their paper submission service was simple to use and everything looked very organized and friendly, so I thought I’d submit my paper here since time was running short and my paper was due.

Quality of service

While my paper arrived on time, it was anything but professional. Whoever wrote my paper had great trouble connecting sentences and making sensible paragraphs that had cohesive flow. This was a clear indication that whoever wrote my paper had little experience using English language, let alone the skills to write an academic paper. The text was riddled with errors, both in formatting and proofreading.

Customer support

Since my paper was of bad quality, I decided to contact customer support. They were nice enough to answer my questions and they were polite enough to get me in touch with the writer who wrote my paper. While he was nice and communicative, he offered no indication that he wants to rewrite my paper; simply stating that “it is what it is”. This would be fine if it was a friend doing another friend a favor, but this is a website that claims they offer professional writing services and charge actual money for it.


Even though I paid 15$ per page for my paper, I found out that the price model on is in completely reasonable boundaries. I’ve seen a couple of writing websites before, and this one was pretty okay price-wise. The problem is that their service is not on par with the prices whatsoever. Even at a low price, you would still get a low quality paper that you can’t submit, just like I can’t submit mine as it is right now.

I tried looking for any form of discounts or benefits and the only thing I found was a 5% off for 500$ or more spent. If you ask me, this is not a very good deal since a lot of websites out there offer more than that.


While the website itself is functional and the prices are reasonable, the quality of writing is simply too low. First and foremost, this is a writing service, and a pretty website won’t save you if you can’t provide the product that you are advertising. The only “problem” I see with is that their writers are not up to the task. If they either train them or change them for more professional staff, I’m sure that they could get back on their feet, since everything else on their website is fine by my estimate.

AdvancedWriters Review